Monday, February 12, 2007

Luke 4 Challenge

So theres this little challenge going on at church. It got Perry to pour all his change he's been saving into a plastic container to donate in a few weeks to help raise ALOT of money. It's easy for Perry to decide what his part in it is, cause that's all the money he's aware that he has. So he just gives it away, not a big deal. What does it mean for Ron and I? We aren't sure yet. I'm sure in a few weeks we'll decide to increase our tithe, just seems like the logical thing to do. But who knows there might something even bigger that will happen? I just know that something stirs up inside me when I pray about it, or when Dave talks about it at church. When Dave had the revelation a few years ago, and he called the whole church to come and pray, I know I pictured in my head not just ministering to the poor like we've done for so many years, but being able to reach the hopeless that aren't necessarily financially poor. And that is exactly what we are doing now. Not to mention the new Student Ministry hook up, will be completed just in time for Perry to be a teenager.

So we'll see what God would have us to do, as part of the Luke 4 Challenge, oh and it's not small, not at all. It's huge....really really huge! The Vineyard never does anything small.

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