Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well after losing 4 hours of my life on Tuesday driving home in "snow is falling from the sky" hell. Wednesday was a snowday, so I snownapped Maddie and Ashton and we went to the best hill in the land, and did a little extreme sledding. We got Perry to go down the ginormous hill one time but grabbing him and throwing him on the back of the sled with Ashton, and shoving them down the hill.....REALLY fast....he wasn't pleased...and he stomped up the hill with clenched fists.

Days like these are priceless. Maddie was so wore out from her extreme sporting. We had a blast. The snow can go away now. We got our fun out of it, and we're done with the cold now. I'd like to wear flip flops, I'm so over the snow!

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