Monday, February 19, 2007


Dang it I've been tagged....which makes me feel loved, however I've wracked my brain all day to come up with 5 obscure things about me that no one knows. Um I've had a blog for 3 years now I am pretty sure the world knows all my secrets.

1. I secretly wish I still had my 1993 Ford Festiva.
2. I rarely go to bed before 1 am.
3. I like to feel the hem of my shirt. Usually a t-shirt, the softer the better. Therefor I almost
always have a t-shirt on, usually under something. If I notice someone I know has on an old
well loved t-shirt, I have an erge to feel their shirt. Depending on who they are I've been
known to do so. I call those kind of t-shirts feely shirts. (I think I've just revealed the most
quirky thing about me, I now have no secrets...LOL)
4. I was once chased by a whole herd of cattle (true story)
5. I will often sing the first verse of a song over and over for a few days home
outloud, and this drives my husband INSANE. Like this week it's the Lonely Goatheard.
The next few days it could be this.....which I found when I was linked from Stacie's blog to her friends blog....insane how these things happen. But Bono....oh Bono....I and me....Good Lord People I am a married women....sickos, If I could just meet you....Mr. Bono....and converse, that'd be good.....DANG JUST HIS VOICE.....Ok this video is off the hook. I LOVE U2......

Oh yeah I am suppose to tag a few folks....those who need to desperately update their blogs....
How about.....Layni, Shelley, Cyndi, and Melinda....I think Stacie tagged everyone else I know with a blog. Except Theresa....whose link I only have at work, but she has one now you've all been tagged! Get to work, it ain't easy!


Stacie said...

Yay, Betsy's blog for the U2 link!

Betsy is the pastor of Arts and Liturgy at Cedar Ridge Community Church (the church where Brian McLaren was pastor until Matthew Dyer came back and took over for him - Vineyard's in the house!)

Layni said...

Tagged? Is that bad? Does it hurt? I don't know what that means. Am I supposed to do something now? Somebody help me!