Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sorry Justin....

Something I was reminded I do not want to be "brought back." That would be Sexy....I've seen enough sexy in my life to last me a lifetime. I don't even seek out Sexy. Unless you live in a cave most people are bombarded with Sexy on a daily basis. Think about it. You can't watch your favorite show without being bombarded with Sexy while viewing the show or in the commercials that come on during the show. You can't go to the grocery store without seeing's everywhere. I doubt my grandma had to worry about sexy being brought back while she shopped at the grocery store. Not only that, but I didn't know what Sexy was until I was 16 or so, heck nowadays, girls are worried about being sexy by age 10......UGH....I was still playing with Barbies at age 10, and didn't even notice that Barbie herself was sexy! Being sexy should be reserved for a husband and wife, end of story. We shouldn't have to worry about if our kids are having sex, because THEY ARE KIDS and should not be. We should do everything in our power short of locking them in a closet until they are 20 to allow them to make the right decisions....such as waiting until they are married as it is intended to be. This is how God intended it to be, you can interrpret the scripture however you want to, to make it fit your life...but if you think it says anything other than WAIT.....then you are missing the point. Completely! I pray daily that I am putting the right stuff in my kids head for him to make the right decisions in life. That I am protecting him from things of this world, that cause us to believe things about ourselves that just aren't true. Ok 6 weeks of Beth Moore was enough for me to get up on my soapbox and get LOUD....apparently. Living in a modern day Babylon is hard work, but I'm up for it, bring it on cause I am prayed up and ready! Oh and didn't need to be brought back, it never left you idiot! (that don't mean the song doesn't have a good beat you can dance to....thanks for that!)


Heather said...

I just discovered the premarital sex post! And, as someone who works closely with kids who have LOTS of premarital sex, I have to say it's not at all about the sex or the sex appeal or the sexy. BUT, it's that the sex is so easily available and it seems to be the one thing in their lives they can control. Does it make it right? Nope -- not at all... but it does give them some control in a life where NOTHING is in control!

Stacie said...

Ahhh, the sex talk ;)

I think you're putting the right stuff into Perry's head. A mom having convictions and teaching them to her kids instead of letting them flail about on their own is exactly what I believe we're called to do as mothers. Having gone to a Christian school my entire life where sex is one of those things constantly warned against yet never really talked about, I think it needs to be more than just "sex is dirty unless you're married!!" ::insert angry you're-going-to-hell-if-you-fornicate face here:: Kids need to understand that at their age and emotional immaturity it's just a harmful thing for their brains and emotions to handle and will affect every relationship from then on in some way or other (whether it's comparing relationships, recovering from losing the trust when relationship ends, etc.)

I think people are human, though, and some will behave one way and some will behave another. And you have to remember that regardless of our beliefs we have to accept that everyone's relationship with God is different and if someone has done something considered "wrong" (sex or otherwise) that you may never know how they dealt with that with God on their own.