Friday, February 09, 2007

Haphazard Grocery shopping....

I need a scheduled day that I actually go to the grocery. I used to I'd either go on Saturday afternoon, or Sunday after church. Well the past few weeks I've been going during the week...not to mention procrastinating the whole trip quite a bit. Last week it was on Tuesday, and this past week it was on Thursday. Regardless, Krogers knows when I am coming because that's when they proceed to call the scary people and tell them I'm going to be there and if they could please come and make my trip extra special. NICE!

Ok this one's for the lady who stole my parking spot last week that I was ever so patiently waiting for.

Hi yeah....see maybe you don't know the rules of the road, but when a person is sitting with their blinker on close to a parking spot someone is leaving, they've ALREADY FREAKIN CLAIMED IT. It's not ok for you to come around the corner and pull right in as if I'm not sitting there. I realize I'm quite a bit younger than you, but the thing is you are an abled bodied citizen just as I am and are able to walk in the cold just like me. I can't help it you wore you black loafers with nylons, and it's 10 below zero. That's NOT MY FAULT, at your age you should no how to dress in the cold weather. And thank you for following me while I was in the store so I could pass you the whole time and give you dirty looks while you talked to yourself. I know I am a christian women, but I was following the rules, and it was damn cold outside!

And this one is for the young women with 3 kids, one of which was walking in the isles with his pants down, with his wiener out for all the world to see.

Ok I realize having 3 children is a tough job....but the fact is you had a friend with you to help you. Besides what are you teaching you child that he thinks it's perfectly ok to expose himself in the middle of the grocery store. Ok truth is it was kind of cute because he was like 2. Maybe you could have pulled his pants up before walking him through the grocery store to the bathroom. Just an idea....I'm just saying.

I do believe these are the same people who always show up when I go to the DMV!

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