Saturday, February 17, 2007


Why do people insist on being obnoxious when I take photos? That's ok because then I will continue to embarrass them on my blog for all the world to see. Whatever, if it's not my brother it's my husband. This is how your children will remember you when you're gone. "Yeah theres dad flipping the bird again. Remember Mom she was all the time taking pictures and he'd always be flipping her the bird....yeah she'd get so mad!" Nice!

In other news: We went to the CAC last weekend. It was Fine Arts weekend. So Layni and I took the kids downtown. I love comtemporary art. The Unmuseum is so much fun. Always has fun interactive type art for the kids to touch and feel. Usually some kind of project they can do while they are their. Not to mention the building has some of the coolest archetecture. This Elephant was super cool. It was covered in altered drawers and rigged with sound so when you opened each drawer some sort of noise would happen. It was made for those who might be visually impaired....and everyone else to enjoy it was the coolest.

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