Monday, September 20, 2004


Wow what a crazy weekend. Friday was emotional, too much crazy stuff going on at work. I hate leaving a job upset, just gives you and icky feeling. And on a friday, UGH....It was a good weekend in spite of my emotional state. I really feel like God is stretching me spiritually, like making me evaluate a lot of things in my life. It's a good thing I suppose but sometimes it hurts a little. Funny how you feel like you are going through a crisis, and everything speaks to your emotions. My theory on that is it has to be God trying to get you attention and telling you what you are thinking is right or you are on the right track. Couple things hit home with me this weekend. The message at church was on Luke 4, and becoming a Luke 4 church....awesome stuff in there. But the thing that really moved me and made me think, was the things that clutter our lives and preoccupy our minds, like relationship issues, financial issues, road rage (ha), family issues, kid issues, worrying worrying worrying.....all of this is nothing but distractions, and diversions from us thinking about and embracing our true destiny. I suppose everyone would define their true destiny differently. My destiny? I really feel like God has given me a gift of being able to share my life with others in a way that causes them to be curious, and allows them to wonder on their own what is this God stuff, and eventually God draws them closer to them. Nothing flashy or crazy just living my life according to his purpose. I treated myself to 2 new CD's this weekend, even though I am broke, music helps me reach that happy place I was searching for this weekend. I got Nicole C Mullins new one Everyday People, and Switchfoot- The beautiful let Down....awesome. The chorus of the second song asks the questions......."This is your life, are you who you wanna be?" So I am asking you people out there who read my blog...there may be like 2. When you wake up in the morning, to start your life each day, are you happy with who you are?

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Stacie said...

I'm struggling with this too - "am I who I want to be?" I just posted a HUGE comment but it's out of place as this is YOUR forum. I'll have to post over on my blog since my two line little comment because two paragraphs. You've got me thinking, continuing on the line of thought I've been on all weekend.

Short version, I'm not who I want to be. Longer version, I'm becoming more aware of what that means and trying to figure out how to become that person.