Thursday, December 30, 2004


Ok so two in one night compared to none in a week. I must have a lot to say. I have felt spiritually empty for a while now. A small group that basically just didn't happen, and I wasn't a leader at the last Alpha because it's better to do every other one, so you don't get burned out. So I've not really been connected and have had no one to hold me accountable regularly in a while. Thank God for Christian radio! I was late to work this morning, was under a Perry schedule which has no time frame and no kind of hurry for nothing. So I got to hear most of Focus on the Family which Ravi Zacharias spoke. He has got to be the most amazing Christian speaker I've ever heard. Everytime I am lucky enough to hear him I am in awe that after being a christian for over 25 year I am still able to continue to learn and grow. He's indian and has this super cool accent, and he uses big words and sounds as if he's speaking way over my head. But then I scare myself a bit because I totally understand what he's saying. Which to me has to be because God is speaking through him because otherwise I wouldn't understand a word he was saying. Ha Ha! There is so much he said, I wish my brain could record and play it back whenever I wanted to make a profound point to someone. His topic was Mirror for the Soul. There was so much he said in such a short time. But the jest of what I got was how important it is for us to raise our children to live with a moral code based on scripture. God intended for the bible to be the moral law, he designed it so that we could live by it. Humility, Spirituality, and Faith must be carved into our conscience. My hope is that I am raising my son to fight against the moral decay of our world, and that he doesn't get swept up into it.

Tonight his faith like a child was a true display that I am doing something right. As we watched the 20/20 special on the Tsunami, I was able to see true devastation through the eyes of a 7 year old child. His first reaction was, is that going to come here? I assured him "no".
Perry: "Mommy did all that water take away those peoples houses?"
Me: "yes"
Perry: "What about the kids, did it take away their toys?"
Me: "yes"
Perry: "Did some of them die?"
Me: "Yes many of them died."
Perry: "Oh Mommy, that is very sad, it makes me kind of want to cry.'
As I hug him he says "we should pray for them"
Me: Ok when you go to bed we'll pray for them tonight
Perry: "No, I think we should pray for them right now."
So we held hands and prayed. And his special request was "Please Jesus take that giant wave away and don't let it come back again."
We see so much devastation in movies, and 911 was like watching a movie on TV, as was the Tsunami, it's hard to realize how real it is. Until you are thrown into reality by a child with simple questions about life and why things happen. It was only then that I was able to react as one should and cry for the lives that have been lost.

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Stacie said...

Jodi, that should make you feel good. It's those little reactions to the big things that really show the character of our kids!