Sunday, July 02, 2006

While you were out....

It appears the dogs have fell in love. This was taking before we went to summer camp. Mind you we had to put the end of the rope in Maizy's mouth, otherwise she wouldn't have anything to do with Kipper. He however always wanted to play, and she didn't get it. Well apparenlty while we were at camp.....a "love connection" may have happened.

Now it appears they like to be close to each other. No I've got no pictures of the pornographic behavior you sicko's. Not to mention I can't remember if Maizy's been fixed. I'm all over that little investigation tomorrow. You'd think I'd know something like that, well I don't.

Perry and I had a blast at summer camp. Interesting mix of personalities as far as the mom's are concerned but we all seemed to get along ok. We definately all have different parenting styles, some are more tolerant than others. I would like to think I fit right in the middle. Perry was good, seemed to be more of a joiner this year. Not to mention it wasn't as hot as it was last year. We did have a big storm Wednesday night, we had to take emergency shelter in our rooms and weren't allowed out. We entertained with ghost stories, and the boys were almost unaware there was even a storm going on. Perry was so cute with his "Give me my bone" ghost story.

One of Perry's most favorite things to do at camp is to high five the counselors as they come out in the morning or evening for the flag ceremony. Last year the kids would line up.....but this year Perry seemed to be the only one, since the counselors would then go around the circle and high five all the packs in the circle. But it was dang cute Perry with one hand over his ear to block the loud music, and the other out ready for a high five. Granted the counselors were less eager to high five by day 4, probably tired and ready for the week to end. So the last nights flag ceremony one of the other parents told Perry no when he went to high five them as they came out, and wouldn't let him do it. I don't see what the harm was for him to do that? Perry wasn't bothering anyone, even if the counselors were high fiving him he didn't notice, he just liked to do that. And if I'm there who is he to discipline my kid? I was way fired up. Wishing I was someone else more outspoken and could have told him to lay off my kid. That is my major gripe of the week. It's one thing if you have a bad kid and you are there and you aren't disciplining him, and he's annoying to everyone around, then sure others have the right to discipline your kid. But if you have a good kid and you do discipline him when needed then folks need to leave him alone. Nuff said! Back to work tomorrow....then off for the 2 more Friday, going to take Perry to visit Springer, then I'm off to Spirit Song.

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