Friday, July 28, 2006

Hands and Feet

I know I've been a blog slacker all week. I throw in one activity, and my life is consumed. Perry and I are doing Cincykids. The Vineyards version of VBS sort of, but not really. They never do things that are normal, but always good stuff. Good God stuff going on with the kids. Worship songs, a memory verse (Act 1:8), bible lessons about Peter and John healing the lame man, and all sorts of fun stuff. My favorite part by far has been the interactive prayer rooms. So cool, it really grabs the kids attention to show them that prayer is truly dialogue between you and God and it can be totally interactive. I took some pictures tonight of parts of one of the rooms. Stuff like praying about taking a leap of faith and loving those who are different than you. At which point the kids got to hop on some pillows. Praying for kids who like to do the same things you like to do, and while you pray for them draw a picture on this big banner of what you like to do. Perry drew a picture of a TV, I drew a scrapbook. Praying for those who haven't been nice to you or may have said mean things to you, while doing that they got to write their prayer on a heart and stick it to a picture of a bully. Those are just a few examples. So cool. I hope to take more pictures of of some of the things tomorrow. Tomorrow, mom and Perry are headed out to help with a block party in Hartwell as part of Cincykids, to show God's love in a practicle way. So if you aren't busy head over to Vine and Galbraith to the Hartwell Community Center to play some games and hang out and have fun with some kids from a different neighborhood. It's from 11 to 2pm........If you can't make it, send up some words the weather is nice and not too hot, my mom's an old lady.

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