Thursday, July 13, 2006


I think Jeremy Camp is my latest musical love. Thanks Spirit Song and Cyndi! Through my most recent major meltdown, instead of turning to Limp Bizkit to let out my frustrations, I turned to Jeremy....and found it to be a bit more healthy. Take my Life for instance, he gets pretty loud, and says what needs to be said, and he's not cussing someone out. Ahhhh....theraputic indeed. Although at one point in that song he says "I can place you on my shoulder, and know that you are there......." Which to me sounds a bit comical, I picture Tom and Jerry, when Jerry would have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on another. Other than that it's a great song.

Thanks so much to everyone for your kind comments, your prayers, and making me feel genuinely loved. It's means a lot to me. Thanks Heather for your comments...or as my husband referred to it as your "mini blog", was a tremendous help. Thanks for being real smart in an area I otherwise would not know much about. Makes me greatful to God for planting folks in your life that live clear across the country. If you ever need help getting a life insurance policy reinstated I'm your girl. Or I can cook a decent meal. Just don't ask me to do a cartwheel....cause well that wouldn't be pretty. And thanks to Cyndi for going to get Coldstone with me, something about good ice cream and a listening ear, erases the calories and fat grams you are consuming.

I e-mailed the lady at Springer, just like Heather told me to, shared my thoughts and asked a few questions, I'm back in the game. Keep sending up words.


Melinda said...

Good for you for sending the e-mail. Be sure to keep us updated on what's going on so we can adjust our prayers accordingly. :)

Heather said...

A cartwheel!!! I would NEVER ask anyone to do that. I used to do cartwheels and along about my 21st b-day decided that cartwheels would be really fun going downhill... I call that the day I broke my kneecap!! Lovely!! :)