Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cincykids 06

Good Times! I think it's going to be a huge thing someday like SOS. I am sure that's encouraging to VCC staff, as long as it's just 3 evenings and not 5 entire days. They pretty much live at the church during SOS....long crazy days. It was wonderful, for it's inaugural year. Perry had fun. Such cute stories from the block party today. Block party= Vineyard providing everything needed to throw a block party in an low income neighborhood, everythings free, lunch included. Music, games, prizes, on a neighborhood for an afternoon. I didn't get to go, I was at work so I sent Geegaw. Signed her up to take tickets for prizes with Perry. I was curious how this would work to attempt to get 6-12 year olds to help, when you'd know they'd want to play. And play they did, although many of them helped a little. I guess the best part was that our kids were basically playing alongside the kids from the neighborhood, Hartwell for those local folks. That's when the ministry started to happen. Just for our kids to who can experience that stuff often, experiencing it with kids who wouldn't normally get to do that kind of thing.

They were sharing prize tickets, sharing prizes, and all having a blast together. So many cute stories shared this evening from the block party. With the help of some hand genstures, and strategic stomping Perry learned his bible verse.

Acts 1:8 "but the Holy Spirit, will come upon you and give you power, then you will tell everyone about me, in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and everywhere in the world." One of the best scriptures ever!

They did a little salvation prayer thing at the end. So cute. It was after the awesome juggler evangelist named Jessie. He was great. So they had a little altar call, and almost all the kids went up. Perry didn't, he stayed in his seat, but as she was saying the prayer of salvation. I looked over and he had his little praying hands on, with his little eyes closed, repeating the prayer right along with her, all by himself no prompting. Yeah it got me a little misty myself, so sweet. The interactive prayer rooms were probably my favorite part. Perrys favorite was the super cool juggler. I'll post more picture tomorrow....I'm wore out.


Heather said...

Sounds GREAT!! I'll bet you do it again -- our church has a block party and it's MUCHO fun!

Melinda said...

That looks like a GREAT time. I love the idea of taking all the fun into the neighborhood that isn't your own & just causing as much laughter & good times as you can.

The photos are great!