Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey Respect!

The turkey seems to be losing so much respect as the years go by. What happened to Pilgrams and indians, and cornacopias? All I see is Christmas trees, santa, and snowmen. All I hear is Christmas music. Why can't we celebrate Thanksgiving first? Why must we be thrust into Christmas before we've even put the bird in the oven. Why can't it be the month Christmas is actually in before we drag out the tree, or the music? I went to Michaels to see if they had any fun foam craft for P to make for the centerpiece....what did I end up with? A gingerbread house...went for the real deal instead of foam. I would have liked a turkey made of foam, but none to be found, why because the Turkeys' got no respect. So I am procrastinating in the worst way, I am suppose to be preparing for the feast and making my home presentable to guests........I am doing this again this year, it'll be divine I am sure. Happy Turkey day people, and please wait till next week for the freakin tree!

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