Sunday, November 13, 2005

Name it!

I am all about seeing spiritual warfare and naming it when it happens. That may seem a bit freaky to some folks. It's so freakin obvious when satan shows up in your life. Ecspecially when things are going good, and you feel good about where your relationship with God is headed. It happens a lot, and it's gotten to the point where I expect it. See it for what it is and get rid of it. Like this morning, on the way to church Ron and I are trying to have a conversation that was innocent, but serious, and it turned ugly and it didn't need to. He said some things that weren't nesessary, and so did I. At which point I said, "so how's it feel letting satan creep up on you like that and take over." Ron just laughs, he sees it, I know he does. He is so used to me just telling it like it is and not holding anything back. Satan doesn't like it when we are all snuggly tight with God, so he messes with us. Dang he's such a butthead.

In other news. The alpha leaders got to have dinner at Dave and Anita's tonight. Having dinner at the senior pastors house makes a ginormous church seem a little bit smaller. Also makes me proud to be part of a super cool team, cool enough to be invited. They are all truly servants of God.

I am kind of looking forward to the Holidays, and kind of not. I haven't a clue what I am doing for christmas cards. I have the pictures for them, but don't know what those pictures are going to go into. Oh the pressure. Ok life is officially boring......All I talk about is church and scrappin, and lately mostly church. I mean I suppose that's a good thing, my priorities are right, but I've got nothing else interesting to say? My completely boring and mundane worklife has trickled over into my regular life, and even my extra curricular activities sound insanely boring. Something needs to happen here people. I don't want drama, or something horrible to happen. I want excitment, something super cool and exciting to spice up my life a bit. If nothing exciting happens this week, I am going to pop open a bottle of Riesling, and make Ron watch Jane Austin chic flicks all weekend. OMG........he'd so hate me!

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Stacie said...

Satan doesn't like it when we are all snuggly tight with God, so he messes with us. Dang he's such a butthead.

That? Is seriously one of the best statements I've ever read ever :-)

How about this for shaking up your world a bit? If Rusty finds a job in Cincinnati or Middletown (or even Dayton)? We're moving home.

Is Ohio National hiring any IT people?