Friday, November 25, 2005


This is probably my all time favorite video. Not to mention it's Dave Matthews, and he's dang cute. I am the least likely person to plant a hug on ya. But if you come at me with a hug, I usually welcome it, most of the time will grumble, but sometimes in need of one but wouldn't dare tell nobody. Not sure why I am like that, just am, and I am ok with it, unless I need a hug then I'll usually just ask Ron or Perry.

Ok so heres a photo of me, on Thanksgiving. My head above my beautiful turkey, only it's the turkey's arse! At least you can see my lovely atire for the was my cooking outfit, and since the electric was out for 45 min. I was in a rush. Therefor there was no getting dressed time in between cooking and eating have on this memorable outfit when the guests arrive.

1 comment:

Stacie said...

First of all? That turkey is ginormous. You must havemad turkey cooking skills.

Second? Your hat? Awesome.