Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mean Reds....

I am under attack! I swear, I don't have anything to be bumbed out about honestly, except maybe a extremely messy house, and a less than helpful husband. He takes a few hours to clean 1/4 of the basement, and has to stop because he's tired. That's great! I mean I am greatful for whatever help I get, but come on, there are some women who clean other people houses all day long, the entire house and they go home and have to take care of a family.

So why can't I just hand my kid his homework, guide him in the instructions and he just does it? Like sits there completes the homework, and he's done. Cause I am under attack that is why some force larger than myself is trying to beat me down. The precious angel is in there writing his spelling words 4 times each and it's 11 pm, some would find that to be abusive......He's got 5 more minutes and then I am surrendering to the unfinished homework gods. So can someone tell me why and intelligent man like my husband not see that "do to much" tuesdays would be less stressful if homework was done after school, and not late in the evening when normal folks are in bed. Why can't this just happen? Is it just that men don't think about those things, cause that's a lame excuse way over used.

So completely bumbed that this Alpha session has come to an end. We do evaluations on the last night and half my table split after the evaluations, and didn't say good-bye. Wow....does that reflect poorly on me as a leader? Did I completely freak them out? I am probably the least threatening or intimidating of any of the leaders. Did I not say enough? Not call enough? I mean granted I did have a head-ache this evening so I may have been a little unpleasant. Ahhh.....I did the best I could with the skills I have. Ok so half of 4 people is only 2, so that's not all bad I suppose. But I hate that I didn't get to say good bye, and thanks for sticking it out for 10 weeks, and find a small group....all that kind of stuff. So as if having the mean reds and a head-ache on the last night of Alpha wasn't enough. I am just not good at the hospitality thing. Like I plan on taking peoples plates, getting drinks for folks and all that stuff, but inevitably someone else jumps up and does it before I get a chance. I'm just slow. So thought I'd pump up my hospitality skills and I made cookies last night for my table. So what happens, one of the people at my table stops at Perkins and gets giant eclairs and the largest brownies you've ever seen. So my cookies looked all generic, stale and lame compared to that. It was very nice of her don't get me wrong, and I am sure my cookies were tastey, but I wouldn't know cause I was eating a ginormous eclair! Yes, yes, mean reds indeed.....must go be sad and cry a bit, and then maybe I'll feel better.

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Stacie said...

Oh, honey. So sorry. "Mean Reds" aren't logical so don't try to figure it out. You'll just wear yourself out trying. Been there (actually... STILL there!)

Praying for you :-)