Sunday, November 06, 2005


Church was exceptionally good today. It's always good, but God was doing something with me before I even got there, as well as Ron. Ron often seems like a reluctant church attender. But in more recent months, and maybe since his return from Hurricane Relief, he's been more purposeful in his walk. Ecspecially during this series about work. He's not one to search for something better as far as jobs are concerned. He finds happiness where he is and makes it work. Occasionally complains, but is a genuinely hard worker. Heck he's gotten employee of the month at least twice. Not to mention he is one of the Army's hardest working soldiers. He seems to be soaking in how to apply God in the work place, and it's a good thing. Completely changes ones attitude. So why Flora? It was shown at the very end of the service about this little girl from Hondoras. Why did it touch me so much? First of all becoming a believe is completely and simply that simple. As the faith of a 9 year old from another country who heard the message from a sunday school teacher and believed. Didn't question. And said I want that, and I want to take it back to my war torn country. So so precious. My story could not even remmotely be as beautiful as hers. But I was the same age when I said yes to Jesus, and I knew then just like she does, that God would use me for His Greater Glory. I knew at that young of an age that I had a God calling on my life, without a doubt. Prepare to be forever changed, grab some tissues, and allow God to speak to you and his calling for your life through this precious little girl. Flora's Story

When you get to the weekend message page click on video, and however wonderful daves message is on Joseph, if you don't have time for all that and just want to get to Flora's Story, fast forward it to 57:12 around there. Also if you wanna hear an amazing song as well. Scoot it forward to 13:54, Sweetly Broken, which I am. Man we are going to miss Robbie! Hope everyone's week is great, keep praying!

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