Thursday, November 03, 2005


Dang it, how does a girl go 15 years with no cavities, then all the sudden she needs a filling. Rather unpleasant experience I must say. I've tried to blog at work before but for some reason it may not post. So we shall see what happens, just feeling the need to let off a little steam.

I've felt so overwhelmed with life lately, I've seriously neglected my domestic duties. Plus Ron's been on vacation so that throws me way off my normal routine. Life is good, busy but good. Alpha is winding down, only 2 more weeks left, then we get a break for a bit than back to it in January. I'd love to carry on with my table as a small group seems they need that. I just don't have the energy to be a small group leader again. Plus after trying to get one rolling last year and it flopped, just don't have the energy. I think it's being a mom of an 8 year old whose involved in more things, leaves little time to be involved in a lot. I need to be realistic, I can have one activity for myself, which is Alpha, one hobby, which is scrappin, the rest is kid time. I need to stick to that formula, or everything becomes chaotic.

God job door is not closed yet........ahhhhhh....the agony. Goes to show I am an incredibly patient person. The doors still open but only a crack for now. When I recieved the news that basically I didn't get it....but then with a for now tagged on to the end, it was wierd I wasn't disappointed at all, I was actually extremely happy. Must have been a God thing, for as much thought, and prayer I've put into it you'd think I'd be laying on the floor crying like a baby. Goes to show God is all over that, he knows where I belong and where my talents and gifts would be of the most use, it's only a matter of time. Who knows I could end up in a foreign land dishing up rice to the natives..........Ha, highly unlikely for now....but someday!


mystery shopper said...

Dear Jodi
Strange devices these computors are. I type in and Ouch! shows up so here I am. This is my first time in a Blog and do not know the proper protocols so please excuse me if I do something wrong. It was fun to read posts by people from alll around the world and getting new ideas. Hi from Canada. Thank you for letting me onto your wonderful site.
Grampa J

Stacie said...

I'm still saying a prayer for you, sister. "For now" isn't a "No". And they could have said "No" but didn't. Hang in there!