Friday, November 18, 2005

No Good Very Bad Day.....gets Better!

I can think of many different things to do with $200. I mean a lot of things can be bought for $200. No price is ever too much to pay for help for my kid the way I see it. However if you've been recommended to me by a respected Psychologist, and a friend.....I do not anticipate you to disappoint me....but you did. And it cost me $200 to be disappointed, which makes me feel rather sickly. So what am I speaking of? Mine and Perry's initial coaching session at The Affinity Center, it was an hour and a half of stuff I already knew, a lesson on the brain and how it works, going over the stupid questionairs I had to fill out, of which I've filled our on numerous occasions, her looking over the evaluation done at school baffled by the scores...."how can he be high and above average here, and below average here.....blah blah blah blah....." To which she responds with "yeah according to the accessment Perry is clearly classic ADHD....." Whoa....and you went to school for that? Tell me something I don't know! Some other crap about the brain being asleep and the brain being awake and what causes that. At no point during the session did she tell me what they could do for us, or what the possibilities were in plain folks I'm not a clinical psychologist language. She was also kind enough to strategically tell me waking up 45 min before Perry has to get on the bus isn't logical for him, if I expect him to dress himself, yeah ok tell me something I don't know. I am a women ruled by chaos, don't mess with that it works for me. One thing she did tell me was Concerta (the medication Perry takes) is a time released medication that lasts 12 hours. Knew that. But what I did not know, was it reaches it's peak or it's best 6 HOURS AFTER IT'S TAKEN!!!! Wow......well no wonder he seems to be all together and somewhat focused by the time HE GETS HOME FROM SCHOOL...and his teachers are reporting they are unable to get him to focus and he can't sit still. Ahhhhhhhhhh.........Ok so I've been going to a psychiatrist (whom I don't care for) who prescribes this medication, who I've voiced this information to, and he didn't tell me anything like that. Who the hell am I suppose to believe??? The psychiatrist I don't like or the know it all....."how about a lesson on the brain" smarty pants women I just met?? Or the lovely, very helpful, nothing but respect for psychologist who suggested I check out the Affinity Center in the first place, yet didn't inform me of the peak performance of Concerta.....did he not know this?? I leave the Affinity Center with MORE QUESTIONAIRS, a couple for me and one for each of his teachers. Shelled out 200 bucks, signed a release form, recieved a privacy act paper....(CAUSE I NEED MORE OF THOSE).....took Perry to school, once he was out of sight I cried! Went to work, and did a little discreet cube crying, vowing not to return to The Affinity Center, and giving a shout out to Stacie to pray for me since I was on the verge of losing it. She told me I shouldn't be made to feel this way and to wait for Childrens to call. She just finished a round of assessments for her son, and she was totally pleased with how she was treated by childrens from the moment the started the rather lengthy process. And she lives in Maryland! While pursuing the help of The Affinity Center, I purposefully did not cancel anything with Childrens Hospital, in the event things didn't work out.........THANK GOD...........Feeling extremely overwhelmed and pretty much useless at work, I turned my late arrival into a half day and left early. I had called Ron to inform him of my frustration, and said we need to decide what to do. WE meaning I can't keep feeling like I am the only one dealing with this. So while I was waiting for some pictures to be processed Ron calls me on my cellphone with a "guess who just called......?" Gasp.....Childrens hospital, our first appointment is Dec 6th!!!!! Not only did they call when I was at the peak of my frustration, but my husband who never wants to take responsibility for important stuff, took it upon himself to schedule the appointment, and felt rather confident in doing so! God is so good, why would ever think anything less? Thanks for your prayers folks they work, don't ever think that they don't.


sewcynful said...

I feel for you, sister! What a St. Nicholas' Day present: a visit to Children's! YEA! Didn't insurance pay for ANY of the $200 consultation????? I should hope so! By the way, I LOVE our pediatrician, Kathy Sorger at Group Health Associates as well as Colin's counselor, Teresa Olson at Woodridge. Call me. I am with kids but sans husband until Monday!
I'm still praying for you and for my buddy Perry.
Cyndi :)

Anonymous said...

We also go to Kathy Sorger and she is the best. She has helped tremendously in helping us get help diagnosing both my kid's learning disabilities. I'll keep you guys in my prayers. I know it's very frustrating.

Stacie said...

God's working. I've been praying for you and Perry and the doctor you'll see on the 6th. Our great experience was at Clifton, at the main campus for Children's. But I'm betting that their people are great everywhere.

Hang in there. Only TWO WEEKS!!