Friday, November 04, 2005

Grown Up?

So I think tonight I became a grown up. How's that you say? I became a "Shareholder" of VCC. Was a bit skeptical when I went to the roll out of the Shareholders thing a while ago. Thought what's this membership at the Vineyard.......Oh boy here we go welcome to becoming a denomination. But then when it came time to sign, did the bible study, signed the agreement that yes you can count on me, I thought it was a done deal and nothing more was needed on my part. Oh no you gotta sign a formal agreement and a pastor co-signs along with they got me. Seriously, in a sense it's like membership, and then it's not. It's more like just what it is a shareholder, I own stock in this place I call my church home. The place that is the foundation of what I believe in and what I base my life on. So yes sign me up. It's totally doing grown up church. There are friends who are about 6-10 years younger than I and they are still at that rebellious stage where they don't want that accountability and want to volunteer when they "got time", or don't want to set a commitment in case something goes wrong and they need to jump ship. Which is totally fine to be that way, but at some point you gotta grow up and care about what happens, and be a part of the big picture. Listening and understanding the vision and the budget.....all those freakin numbers and for the most part I understood what the heck they were saying. So tonight I became and official shareholder, I'm part of the Army, I've got the dog tag to prove it. So cool. Doesn't change the fact that I am still a Jesus lovin maniac.....Just means I am part of an Army of Jesus Lovin Maniacs......LOL.....yes you may quote me on that, it's a good one. I need a T-shirt!
Oh and I met some different folks tonight. Purposefully sat near folks I knew but away so then eventually I'd be surrounded by strangers so I could meet different people. This lovely older couple sat next to me super friendly husband and a timid wife. The even moved in right next to me so there wasn't that stranger space empty seat. And also so that when folks came in late they could easily slip in without walking over folks, so thoughtful. When we prayed you could seriously feel the holy spirit in these folks so cool. As we left, the thanked me for allowing them to sit next to me, and asked if there was anything they could pray for. How cool is that, complete strangers, that's what the vineyard is all about praying for folks you don't know and being real about it. I am confident that these people who I may never see again, will be praying for me. Man I love my church!

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Stacie said...

The older guy sitting next to you wasn't named "Hank", was he?

Man... I miss VCC :(