Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ok so take a moment and remember 14 would ya? Heres what I was doing at 14. Crushing on boys at school. Nothing ever went any further than that with me. Heck I was lucky to score a date my senior year. We're talking about 14 here.....For excitement my mom drove me and a bunch of my friends to Showbiz pizza place on friday night for Teen night hosted by Pat Barry a Q-102 DJ at the time. While there folks would enter contests lip syncing to Madonna and Morris Day. Steve Barnett won week after week doing the "Bird" a song by Morris Day and the Time. People would wear their parachute pants and break dance.

What do 14 year olds want to do now? Desire to go see a band at a bar in Clifton (scary college town). It's Bogarts people. I didn't go to Bogarts until I was in charge of my own life and lived down the street from the place. I was of legal drinking age, and the band I saw the first time was They Might be Giants, which isn't scary but many scary bands play there. It's across the street from a place called Sudsy Malones....a bar/laudramat, (yes I did laundry there ONCE). Poor kid calls me thinking I'm going to be on her side and help her get there. UM NOT! "Um Aunt Jodi, if mommy doesn't take me will you take me....." LOL......What? Good Lord is it at all possible to freeze a kid at age 10? Why are there not any teen-nights anywhere?


Teresa said...

AWE!!!!!! I know have a teenager, it's a boy (I hear girls are worse) but a teenager nonetheless. The whole thing scares me!!!!

Stacie said...

Sudsy Malones - BWA ha ha ha ha ha.... haven't thought of that place in years!

My own experience with my teenaged niece a few years back has made me jaded :-P But I honestly think she's the exception to the rule and most teenagers are pretty good kids at heart (plus? I think it's their job to behave in such a way that you end up scratching your head thinking, "what the...?!")

Melinda said...

I went to Bogart's ONCE as a young adult (legal and all) and it scared the bejezees out of me! HAD to have been some fire violations going on as full as that place was!

I hate that kids are growing up so fast these days, even if their parents try to keep it from happening.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember me telling everyone that you were going to a convent when you were 12 until you were 22? I was scared to death about being the boss of a teenager. I still thank God for you and not giving me the teenager my mother wanted me to have. "I hope you have one just like you and then you will know what you are putting me through!!" I can still hear the words.

I love you