Thursday, August 30, 2007

4th Grader

Much, much, to share. I'll try to maintain my focus and appear to be fairly organized. I am finally feeling less stressed about the beginning of the school year, but man until this evening I thought I was going to be completely consumed with stress, and busyness! Which I am still crazy busy. Honestly it's almost like I thrive on being busy, not sure what I'd do if wasn't busy. Probably get more sleep for 1. Ok so school started, and *I am not embarrassed at all to point out my pillowcases do not match my bed sheets. Heck they don't even match each other. This is a little something I like to call....."They're clean who gives a crap?" Ok so now you know a little too much about me... The blogs all about honesty!
Prince Perry had a good first day. Why Prince Perry you say? Well in an effort to make the first day fun and to hide the fact that I was freaking the heck out, I offered breakfast in bed. And in an effort to provide a healthy breakfast you see there an organic scrambled egg, a banana, and some organic milk (not pictured). Maybe the organic milk will fight off him maturing too quickly and it'll postpone the teenage years to happen when he's actually a teenager and not when he's 11.....just saying. So after breakfast in bed while watching Curious George (anyone else love this show besides me?) we head outside for first day of school pics.

I am sure my anxiety has everything to do with change, the unknown, and PMS. Truely the real routine doesn't start until Monday, which means I'll just have to be stressed all over again. I just hope the new teachers will utilize all the stuff they did last year since it worked and they made progress. The IEP meeting is next Wednesday, slightly nervous, again change, the unknown new teachers who have to learn to deal with me and what I want for Perry. Thankfully I won't be dealing the PMS then and I won't end up crying in front of a bunch of grown women. (Lord please don't let that happen, I'd like to maintain some dignity...thanks that'd be great!) This is the part where I do a little whining about not wanting to be a grown up anymore, and I didn't sign up for've heard it all before. It makes me stronger, and someday when Perry's a grown man and an animator for Disney and he's hooked me up with a nice nursing home he'll thank me!
Ok no pictures for this story, but I may be able to take some tomorrow. Except Prince Perry's Palacial Pad is barely up for any sort of public viewing. So in his room he has one whole wall that's framed from floor to ceiling. Within that frame is half corkboard, and half chalk board. The corkboard is full of artwork. The chalkbaord gets little use but occasionally he'll draw on it. Last night after he'd been in bed for 30 min. I heard him rummaging around. I was like Perry what are you doing go to bed. "He said I'm looking for my remote......" He doesn't have a TV in his room. Never has.....I asked remote for what? He said for my TV, and pointed to his chalkboard.....where he had drawn an old fashion TV set complete with antennas.....the remote, was made out of cardstock with button drawn in the right spot and everything. He found his remote and quickly got back in bed. So I went with it....and said "you can watch TV all night if you want as long as the lights are off." Shocked he asked....."Really??" I said "yep, and if you close your eyes, you'll get better channels." Puzzled he asked again....completely serious..."Really??" I said yep, and with that he said cool, closed his eyes and "watched TV". Tonight he climbed into bed with his Tigger and Fred (the frog Webkinz) grabbed his "remote", clicked on the TV, and I said are you gonna watch TV he said "yep" closed his eyes, and "watched TV".......Ahhhhh may it never ever get old! Have I mentioned lately how much I love my kid? Few parents get to experience this unique kind of joy, I am truly blessed more than I deserve.


Layni said...

He's brilliant!

Kendra "Jude" said...

Very cute with the whole tv thing. Creative!!!!