Friday, August 24, 2007

Shout Out to Mt. Healthy Class of 1987!!

Ok I have 1 week to lose 100 pounds. You heard me. It probably would have been more reasonable to think about this say in December. Or maybe a year ago. But now it's crunch time and my 20 year reunion is a week away. Or maybe some of my alumni can just post a comment here and say "I'm fat too", and I'll feel better. Besides even if I lost 100 lbs, I'd still be all flabby, and wouldn't even look like my former self. I couldn't find a picture of myself when I was in high school on my computer and I'm too lazy to hunt one down and scan it in. Trust me when I say I was a dork. At least I'm a hip fat person, at least fairly hip anyways. So heres a picture of me when I was 4, with my dog Tippy. For the most part all the people I know from High School, have gained weight so I'm good. Maybe not quite as much as me but some. So if you are Class of 87 and you'll be at the reunion be sure to show me some love in the comments. Even if you won't be at the reunion leave me some love.
In other news....BUDGET.....damn it sucks. I am happy to report I went to the grocery and spent only 58 dollars and got everything I needed except chicken since I couldn't bring myself to buy a small package for $5 when I can get a huge bag at Costco for 10 and it'd last me longer. So I think the mans going to allow me to purchase chicken at the Costco. I even bought organic Milk. I've decided Milk is one thing I will buy organic from now on. Crazy hormones in Milk is what I've decided has made giant children....girls develope sooner, and become sexually active sooner, and boys "want some" sooner because of the hormones in the milk. At least that's what I've decided. Oh and Jasmine rice, it's organic also, and amazingly way more yummy than Minute Rice.....a million times better. Oh and organic frozen fruit for smoothies.....I've yet to make one I like, but Ron slurps them right up. So if you have any smoothie pointers gimme a shout.


Heather said...

Class of 88 and not even your school, but still -- don't want ya to be hanging. Oh... and I'm still fat... Not as fat as I used to be (thank you WW!).

Cyndi said...

Class of '83, and 100 pounds heavier than graduation day. It makes me sick! Well, I have at least a year until my 25 year. Alan's 25 is in October and I am going to let him go alone. He's only gained 2 pounds (and lost a head of hair) since graduation!