Saturday, August 25, 2007


We're talking full on face melting HOT. I was feeling ok about being in the Parade today because it was suppose to be "cooler" in the morning today and only get up to like 89 degrees. Well apparently the asphalt was still hot from yesterday when it was like 102 degrees. 2 weekends in a row walking 3 miles, yet it felt like 100, since it's so flipping HOT. Ron crashed when we got home and napped for like 2 hours.
Um Wheres Perry?
What did I do for 2 hours? I watched The 2 Coreys. It's very possible I'm dummer now. Seriously is the shit scripted or is Corey Haim that jacked? OMG....dude your carreer is over. Except the fact that you were a cute child actor, and now you should probably go get a job in construction or something cause you can't act. Heck you are having trouble doing life in general. Can you believe he's 35? I didn't realize he was so close to my age. I don't think he's ever had to be a resposible adult. He makes the other Corey look very good. I can't help it, if it's someones reality I need to watch it, cause I'm nosey like that.

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Stacie said...

"Face melting hot" is going into my vocabulary :)

P.S. Wasn't there supposed to be something fun going into the space previously occupied by Hap's? It's now just an extension of the neighboring running/shoe store. Which is fun. But not fun fun. Not Hap's fun!