Wednesday, August 22, 2007

God Show'd up Today.....

I love it when that happens. God shows up pretty much everyday, but I love it when he's loud about it. He first show'd up with Dave Ramsey, on his podcast. He's good about dropping all kinds of pearls of wisdom. Today he said "Don't let the good things rob you of the best things." in reference to premarital sex. Could be in reference to a lot of things but I liked that quote.

Then I wrote down another quote last week while listening to This American Life.

"To the ambitious for him neither the bounty of life nor the beauty of the world suffice to content , it comes as penance that life for them is squandered, that they pocess neither the benefit nor the beauty of the world. And if they are unable to percieve what is divine in nature which is all arund them how will they be able to see their own divinity which is sometimes hidden." Leonardo Divinci

That my friends is an amazing quote. Which leads me to Erwin, as if I wasn't feeling profound and deep enough at this point. He was talking about as Christians we work hard and intense to discover what is true. That can come easy, reading the bible, and spiritual maturity. I think I am past discovering what is true, I get that. Now I am beginning to discover what is REAL. Erwin has a profound way of putting it. Basically said look into your soul, is Jesus there? Is he real to you? Seems to me so many people are just going through the motions.
Whoa sorry folks got super deep, just keeping it REAL!

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