Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dang and I was having Fun!

Ok so the man took some time yesterday to take a look at the budget. I was really hoping that wasn't going to come up again. It's rather stressful. So Dave Ramsey has moved back in. Damn it. I had him convinced we didn't need Dave and we could just spend money like we had some. Then there appeared to be a lot less money in our bank account than there should be, and well that was the end to the fun. Time to act like a grown up. So between Dave Ramsey and Weight Watchers, it's quite possible I'm going to be a raving lunatic. But I'll be skinny and debt free this time next year. Plus our food budget should be less since we are eating less.....right.....Pray for me!

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Kendra "Jude" said...

Being someone who has also shacked up with ole Dave, I can say that it is well worth it once he is able to move out (so to speak) and he only has to come over for occasional visits. Once you get going, it is loads of fun seeing the results!!!