Monday, July 09, 2007

Top Secret Mission

I can't tell you what I am doing this week. But it's way more exciting than what I normally do on any given day, and I get to enjoy my top secret mission for a whole week. That is all you are allowed to know. If you'd like details you'll have to arrange a meeting at an undisclosed location, say Sonic, and you'll have to buy me a Banana Pudding Milk Shake. Or a Grande Cinamon Dulce Latte, either of those two things and you might get something out of me. You offer me nothing and you'll get nothing. I'm just saying.

Few folks seem to be concerned about my depression....however brief it is gone now, sort of. Felt a little disconnected I suppose. It's a given, we all have busy lives and I don't get to connect with folks near as often as I used to....whatever I'm over it, it's life deal with it however you need to. I spent money, got a few lattes, and then got my debt card taken there you's no wonder I'm depressed. I need shoes, then I'll feel all better.....donations gladly takens seeing as I got no debt card.....I do however have a checkbook! Shhhhh....don't tell!


Heather said...

DANG!!! I'm not closer or you'd get a trip to Sonic - YUMO! (And then you'd have to spill!!!)

Melinda said...

Oooo, we're kindred Starbucks spirits b/c I love me some cinnamon dulce lattes!!!!

And...I know you love the Mayer-meister, but can we please ask him what is UP with those faces he makes?!?!?! I feel like I'm looking at something I shouldn't when he makes those faces. LOL