Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm in Over my Head!

Well kind of. Heck when I start out on a new adventure it just wouldn't be any fun unless I complained about. For years my BFF (I feel so young when I do that...) and I planned scrapbooking retreats. We planned really fun scrapbooking retreats, that many people looked forward to twice a year. We did the bulk of our planning at the very last minute. I'm talking the weekend before. Complete with packed goodie bags, schedule of events, games, prizes....good Lord a bajillion prizes donated by various local scrapbook stores. Anyways my point is, I've given up one of my church volunteer things for Cub Scouts. I gave up Alpha for Committee Chair......WHAT THE? I've been doing Alpha for 4 years, I know what I am doing, it takes very little preparation. It's 10 straight weeks out of my life twice a year. Oh but now, I am committee chair, I have really no knowledge what that means exactly. I know I gotta coordinate a WHOLE LOT OF CRAZY STUFF, not to mention encourage, finagle, beg, force people to do stuff, um they are suppose to volunteer. I am sure it's not going to be hard......right....they told me I'd be good at it, they being people who have only known me for a brief period of time. My husband....the Assistant Cub Master (which means dude does nothing but look official in his Cub Scout Leader uniform) of the same Pack is quite excited at the prospect of the whole damn family in a uniform. I see a family portrait in my future. GOD HELP ME!

Ok Ok rant over. It's the right thing to do, my kids only a kid for so long and then those years are gone. I still got my things I do, theres just less time to myself. Note to self: Schedule some me time.

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Heather said...

Can you get to KS in about 24 hours? We're scrap retreatin' and you are more than welcome!!