Friday, July 06, 2007

Letterboxing, Webkinz, Outdoor Movie, and 4th of July....Oh my!

How do I fit it all in? Probably why I feel sick now, all stuffy....yuck. So I had been feeling depressed sort of for a few days, tired and just no energy at all. I hate even saying depressed cause it can mean a lot of things for a lot of people, but it is what it is, nuff said. Figured out why, I needed to move. I was much, much happier after a long hike yesterday, when we scored a total of 5 letterboxes! It's great fun to get excersize and have a sense of accomplishment finding all the letterboxes you went into the woods for.

So the P-man got a Webkinz, much like Toontown only cheaper, however just as addicted for me mostly. He takes too long to get money to buy stuff. The problem is I'll go in play a bunch of games build up his money, and he'll get on and spend it on food.....when I want to get a backyard to build a garden.....we're having a problem working together here. LOL.....yeah we got problems.

I am so out of order .....but it's my blog and I can if I want to, no rules here. Last weekend we had a to-do, "Splashfest 2007" if you will. Invited over cub scout fams, with instructions to BYOWG.....Bring your own watergun.....LOL, so they did and had a blast chasing each other with their waterguns. We then watched a movie outside, thanks to my brothers projector DVD player....good times. We watched Nacho Libre.....which the fam and I watched at least 3 more times in the past week....cause it's just that funny!

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