Monday, July 23, 2007

Pardon my Absense....

I've been eaten alive by by all things cubscouts. You think I'm kidding? From what I've been told, it's how boys become men. We'll see what happens.

In other news I had a fabulous weekend. Had one last to-do with Alpha peeps at a leader retreat at Camp Kern. We had a ton of fun, and we did the Amazing Race Which was way more fun than grown ups should be allowed to have. It was a nice way to end my involvement with Alpha as I transition into Cub Scouts....which was not by any means a gradual process. Needless to say I will miss Alpha, but I am sure I'll be back in a few years after P bridges to Boy Scouts....but I'm sure they will need my help too. We shall see what the future holds, God's always got something crazy up his sleeve. By the way if you have been part of an Alpha table in the past 7 years, you should go to this.

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Heather said...

CHicka, you are SO busy!!!