Saturday, July 14, 2007

Keen Sense of Direction.....

That is not me.....nor is it my BFF Layni. My husband however with a GPS in hand, we should listen to him. It was a proud day for the letterboxing adventures. We sent team Perry (their last name not my kid) into the woods to find the series of letterboxes we found on the 4Th of July. Pumped them up with all sorts of confidence since we knew they existed, and with specific instructions to bushwhack and not to give up. We also sent Perry (my actual kid) with them for help....(right as if he paid attention to where he was 10 days ago) While they searched for those we had big plans to replace a damaged letterbox in a different part of the same park. Except I left my fancy letterbox I made AT HOME....what the? My only responsibility....good heavens. So after scarfing down a 6" Turkey Sub, Ron and I headed home to retrieve the letterbox. By the time we returned, Team Perry was on letterbox 3 of 5......woohoo the race was on. We dashed into the woods retrieved the damaged goods, placing our newer fancier letterbox in the same spot. Then hightailed it back out of the woods just in time for Team Perry's arrival....ready and willing to search for our newly planted letterbox. It took them all of 10 min. to find it....our mission was complete, but not entirely. There was one more Letterbox to be found, why leave a perfectly good park full of treasures.
(my face is red because it's sun burnt, and from scaling a mountain, I am much more attractive and thinner in person.)
So off we went. We didn't really notice the directions said "steep" hill....holy hell, they should have mentioned you'd be scaling the side of a mountain for God sake! I am way to old and fat to be mountain climbing....but this didn't stop us....lots of heavy breathing. We made it the top, only to find we'd be scaling back down halfway to retrieve the actual treasure. We opted to send someone younger and more in shape after the actual goods, So Ashton retrieved the goods and brought it to the old folks at the top of the mountain. The directions instructed we were welcome to "take a card" if we was Mormon cards.....with the teenager Jesus on the cover, we opted to leave them for folks who weren't yet acquainted with the teenager Jesus. So now we were left with a dilemma....we were at the top of a mountain after all, which meant we'd have to get down from that mountain to get home. We decided to take a new different route back, one that looked less mountain like, more of a gradual down slope......which was more than twice as long....LOL.....not to mention no idea really how to get out of the woods from that direction. Layni mentioning her keen sense of direction so we "trusted" her....sort of...Ron in the back of the pack with the GPS saying without much authority I might add...."um guys the coordinates say go this way...." Yeah we've attempted to follow those GPS things before only to find ourselves miles from where we needed to be (except we aren't good with numbers either of us, this includes longitude and latitude.) After hiking what seemed was a much better plan because we came upon some yummy blackberry's. Not to mention a tree with giant thorns, and a killer dog (behind a fence thank God) We finally decided to listen to Ron, and headed left, which took us to the trail that Perry and I got lost on just a year ago....SCORE! I never doubted.....after all I'd been lost in those same woods before. Besides the new route brought us right to our cars!!!

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Layni said...

Such a fun day! We've never found so many letterboxes in one day before! [Close, maybe 5 ... but never 7!] Good times.