Sunday, June 11, 2006

Then and Now....

It's only been a year. Last year we were camping for Ashton's 12th birthday, like we have every year since she was like 6. This year it was a "Red Carpet" party by her request NO CAMPING???? What? The Red Carpet deal makes her look way too grown up. She's now'd that happen. Teenagers scare me.
Wearing make up and dancing. Did I do that at 13? I don't remember wanting boys at my birthday party that was for sure. It was fun sitting with the boys, and listening to things they like to talk about. Music, concerts, girlfriends (although that was kind of scary, yet enlightening, since they were nice boys.) That don't mean I don't wanna camp next year. It was fun for a year now back to what we do best, campfires, swimming, hiking, Scootering, being dirty and sweaty, not caring who was going to see us. Yeah I like camping a lot. Did I mentions she is now 13?? Ok so speaking of teenagers, I've not changed my mind they are a little disturbing now a days. So to get over my fear of them or dislike for them I decided to saturate myself with them.
I volunteered for SOS. That's 5 days of a whole lot of teenagers, I should be able to get over my fear of them by praying for them. Oh goodness....PRAY FOR ME!

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Heather said...

SOS looks FUN! I bet you'll just LOVE teens!!