Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ipod Anxiety

It's crazy what ipod addiction can do to a person. Ron's died today, even has a sad face on the screen. According to the good people at ipod, he's got 6 days left in his 1 year we'll be making a dash to the Apple store to restore his ipod loveliness. My advice to ipod owners of the world....DO NOT DROP IT.....Ecspecially if it's out of warranty, which mine is. Which means if I drop it, and it crashes forever....I have to buy a new one. Just something I can't live without now. Nuff said.

Finally a respectable wedding. Seems when you are in you 30's, wedding invites are few and far between. Since everyone you know is now married, except Abby and I'm working on that for real. So if you will recall the wedding's we've been attending in the past year weren't all that....well.....traditional. So tonight, Ron and I stepped out like respectable folks and attended a respectable wedding, with a respectable reception. The church was beautiful! The bride had 8 had 7! Love big weddings. The food was PRIME RIB, along with really good sides.....Bruschetta and other yummy goodness for hordeovers. OPEN BAR, so once again a weekend of drinking, I'm becoming quite the lush....NOT! Oh and the reception was at the Music Hall ballroom, gotta love that. Last time I was there was for Great Americans Christmas party, and then it was packed, it looks kind of empty for the reception of maybe 200....but it was nice. Ron and I had fun. Justin is a guy from Ron's national guard plattoon, they spent quite a bit of time together while they were in Louisianna. Strange bond army dudes have with each other. They can go months without seeing each other hook back up and it's like they see each other everyday. It was a nice time. These guys are at least 10 years younger than us. Most of them. Theres like one other guy who is Ron's age the rest are early to mid 20's, so funny the difference. Makes you feel kind of old!

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