Friday, June 02, 2006

Hello Poochie....

My good Lord it's like having a newborn. Likes to sleep a lot and likes to play at wierd right now it's 1:16 am.....I had him out for a while playing he was crashing on the floor at my feet, seemed like a nice time to put him in his cage for night he's not so tired....won't be long and he'll be sleeping with me. I'll need a container for all my flippy's, that are nice and chewy to a puppy. He got a hold of Perry's favorite black flippys and chew'd the strap in Perry's sporting a new style....duct taped'll be a trend.

Good news, everyone can get on with their lives now I passed LOMA....the first freakin test anyways! Only after 4 trys, who the heck cares I passed! Thank more and the insurance Gods will leave me alone, and let me get on with my non-ambitious life. Posted by Picasa

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Heather said...

Congrats on your test!!! AND, better you than me on the new puppy... I LOVE them, but I am certain I couldn't do a puppy AND kids AND a husband AND a house... If you saw my house and my now naked children you would wonder if I do anything at all!!