Monday, June 19, 2006

Break Stuff.....

Is the name of the song by limp bizkit that I like to sing when a day goes NOT as planned. So as of right now we are a one car family. Very long story......we just are. So Ron gets a ride home from my brother everday until we get car #2. I volunteer'd for SOS all week for prayer team, so I had to coordinate a ride for Perry for Vacation bible school. My mom had Tues., Weds, and thurs. covered so I only needed a ride for Monday...which is brother was being non-commital, wasn't sure what was going on, wasn't sure if he could make it happen since he would just be getting home and he'd have to run Zack (my nephew) and now Perry up to church. He brings Ron home everyday so I didn't want to overcommit him anyways. So I got Perry a ride with Aunt Layni who lives 2 blocks away. Even called her at work to remind her, and called her house and reminded Ashton to not forget Perry. ........Right........SHE FORGOT HIM! Things not going as planned #1....oh but wait theres more. So I've been overly nervous about SOS all day. Since the last time I had to pray for strangers, was when Billy Graham was in town and he pretty much did the praying I just had to talk to folks about their decision to follow Jesus. Besides you can pretty much do anything when you are in the presence of Billy Graham. So now here I am a prayer team volunteer with little to no stranger praying experience.....suddenly I was feeling the pressure. So I get to SOS and theres tons of folks standing outsite. I was a little early but they said to be so you could register as a volunteer. Get to the can't go electricity and the fire alarms are going off. They send us up to the chapel where hundreds of teenagers are beginning to pile in. When I get to the chapel theres electricity I'm guess from back-up generators....but no was getting a little bit steamy. Then boom the electricity goes out. Wow Satan ain't messing around! So some dudes grab guitars, and a bongo, and they start doing worship. Sounded like the plan was to do some worship, pray and leave. But then more teenagers start showing up, and without a microphone, it's a little hard to control some teenagers. So I split before I was forced to be crowd control. (I think the power did eventually come back on, but I split and missed it. Kind of got lost in the chaos, and wasn't clear on what the heck was going on.)
Things not going as planned #2
Theres a girl at work who wants a pink cheetah blanket for her step daughters birthday which is this weekend. I went to one store in search of pink cheetah before the SOS debachle, didn't find it. Went to 2 more stores after leaving SOS, still nothing so the chances of us getting it done by thursday now aren't looking good. Things not going as planned #3.
I am going to go to bed now....I know it's only 10:15 pm, but I'd like this day to be over with sooner rather than later. Heres to tomorrow being a better day!

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HeatherJoDavis said...

WOW! You do need an early bed time!!!