Friday, June 16, 2006

God's Plan

Funny how sometimes you think you know what God's plan is and you are completely off base! Funny how some relationships withstand a storm much better than you thought it would, yet others can be destroyed by the same kind of storm. Or say that same storm happened in a different time in your life would the response to it be the same. Who the heck knows? All I know is shit happens, lessons are learned and life goes on. Unexpected crap that blindsides you is always what makes you grow stronger. Staying faithful to God through the whole mess is a good thing, although I'm still not sure why? Do I need to know why? Not why stay faithful, why crap happens like when you don't expect it or don't feel like you really deserve it. I don't know.....I think I'm just talking. Beatdown and broken is what I am! So what do you do in that case? Get a haircut....not taking a picture of it till I actually fix it myself. Miss spending $$ to be pampered. The girls at great clips can work wonders for $12, but it's just not the same. Not to mention sometimes the conversations can be a little scary.

Thanks to my peeps for sending up some words for me. Keep praying. Someday I may share what the heck it is I'm talking about. In the meantime make up your own story. I just feel like theres folks who read my blog, who wouldn't get it, or talk trash about me, or judge me whatever, who cares I'm still not sharing!

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Solidarity said...

You know, you make me want to hug you, but I *know* how much you hate that, so I won't. Next time, I'll even refrain from saying it (maybe). ;) I'm so sorry you're dealing with something right now. I will say a prayer... it's better than a hug anyway.