Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Observations.....

Ok it's been way too long that I haven't had something funny to discuss or an entertaining post to my blog. Trust me I got plenty material this weekend. First of all.....


Ok the kid on the right is my nephew Zack, and with his tooth missing. Oh man....if his hair was a little longer and a little bit messier, he could take it on the road and make loads of money. I bet you that Alfred E. Newman loves to talk just as much as Zack too. This boy.....WOW....he's a talking machine, pretty much just about anything....He slept over last night....and he talked until his head hit the pillow.

Over heard this morning while ironing a little girls dress for church:

"At our house sometimes we like to lay in the bed naked......" Don't we all!! I mean occasionally...well we don't normally discuss it.....oh heck we are the naked house, do not come by unannounced!! Just sayin!

That's right a little girls dress....for church....we had ourselves a coed sleepover last night. Normally one wouldn't have 3 children, because 3 is not usually a magic number, except when Perry's involved. Perry is so into entertaining himself, that if theres another twosome, he doesn't care. He enjoys other kids around, but is fine to play by himself with them around, sounds wierd, but it works and it seems perfectly normal.

Oh and heres the girl of the coed madness.

This is Maddie, she's somewhat of a dog whisperer, she can get Kipper to do his tricks, he can sit and give her his paw. She crashed on the love seat, Perry was on the couch, and Zack was on an air mattress on the floor. Everyone went to sleep before midnight, and no one cried for their Mommy's at least not that I was aware of. They had pancakes for Breakfast and Maddie joined us for church....she was really hoping to see people get dunked in the pool again, but no such luck, last time it was baptism weekend.

Perry had a great birthday party. He got what he asked for....not to mention Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends DVD season 1....GOD HELP ME....Cheese didn't show up until season 2, so I don't have much interest in it.

And as if the coed sleepover wasn't enough kid madness I got to enjoy Kylies company this afternoon for a few hours....we had fun with chalk, and hiding the rock.
Much fun was had by many with Aunt Layni's birthday gift. No one at the park was safe from these two.

The weather was so nice this weekend, and I was blessed to kick it with family and friends all weekend.


Stacie said...

Dude, your nephew looks a lot like Perry (only Perry doesn't look very much like Alfred E Newman so I'm not sure how that works.) And once again? Your niece is ADORABLE! :)

Glad you had a laid back weekend - you deserve it!

Heather said...

I thought that Zach was Perry! WOW!! Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend!! And, Happy Birthday to Perry!