Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not a Happy One

This makes me cry. I didn't know him, I didn't know his family. I suppose I felt like I knew him from looking at Jen's pages on 2 peas, and reading her blog. His pictures show him with so much life, yet he suffered so much in the end. I wish I knew why these kinds of things have to happen. If it was my child I'm not sure I'd ever recover.

I had a brother (Jeff) who died of Leukemia when he was 4. I was 11 months old when he died. It definately defined the kind of parents I had. As Jen said in her blog squeeze you kids extra long, let them know what they mean to you.

And in some more sad news Tylers not doing well. Your prayers are needed for that little guy. Last I heard earlier today he was having congestive heart failure.

Pull yourself together people I did enough crying for all of us now stop crying and think happy thoughts!!!!!!

Ok some happy's Teacher a Appreciation Week, show you kids teachers some love. I didn't do all the little gifts that were requested of me by a super creative room mother, sorry I can't think about stuff like that I like to do my own thing and I don't respond well to being told what to do. I made a lovely card and sent some other cards I made for the teachers to use.

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Heather said...

It's so, so sad, but I HAVE to believe that heaven is so overwhelmingly wonderful and beautiful and literally being in the arms of our savior? Beats the hell out of the pain and suffering of this world. How blessed he is to be in that place. It's our turn to make the most of our time left here.