Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am aware of the time....

And I am completely exhausted. Note to self, one should clean house on a regular basis so that when one is having a party it won't take 2 days to get the house presentable. Seriously what I have to go through when having a todo is seriously insane, where does all this crap come from and why doesn't it ever just put itself away??

Plus I waited until after 10 pm to prepare some things for tomorrow....and I still have to wrap a few gifts. So I'm crazy whatever!

3rd graders taking a spelling test are dang cute. Went to Perry's class today to take Birthday treats.....he was completely surprised and could not have been cuter! Passing out his treats. I took small bottles of water, that I had put in the freezer for an hour so they'd be nice and cold. You would have thought these poor children were from Mexico and had never had cold water. They were placing the bottle to their sweet faces and proclaiming....."ahhhh it's cold...." I took chocolate chip mini muffins. Love those instead of the old standard cup cakes.


Heather said...

Ahh -- it's so cute that Perry is still so young and innocent... In about 2 years, he'll be eyeing the blonde!!

Stacie said...

JEALOUS! I wasn't allowed to take Liam's birthday treats into his class. Had to leave them in the school office. Also, he wasn't allowed to have cupcakes or anything "non-healthy"... I made goody bags for the kids to take home instead :-P

Not happy about this little quirk of our district, or at least our particular school!

Also? Perry's a doll. But I've told you that before. Let's plan another backyard playdate at your place (you have a better playground!)