Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mudersday..... me some Mudersday!! At least that's what my card said as it was presented to me in bed with a baby food jar of colorful sand, that I will proudly display on my desk at work. We had a nice day today, time spent with my Mama, just enough time to enjoy her and not hate her....gotta know your limits I always say. Mom's are always lovable, but they seemed to come with a teeny tiny problem I hope I never have. They want to tell you what to do....not realizing you are an adult and you can now make choices on your own. Someone needs to point this part in the parenting handbook out. The part in the Parenting Handbook that says
#57 Once your child leaves your home you can no longer tell them what to do, nor can you offer unsolicited advice.
This seems to be a problem with many parents so apparently they didn't get that far in the book? Ok so to all the mom's in the world who raised their children to be fine upstanding adults.....HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.....and stop telling us what to do we're grown for Godsake!

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Heather said...

I'm pretty sure my mom ripped that page out and made me spit some gum in it on the way to church one Sunday morning! ;)