Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Mr. Sexton if you Could place Your legs in the Stirrups.....

So I call to check the time of Perry and Ron's doctor appointment. I neglected to write the time down on something that wasn't disposable. The nurse asked me what I was coming in for. I said "I'm not coming name isn't Perry or Ron, I am Jodi they have me down for an appointment. " She said "no it's Ron" and then she starts giggling. She said the reason I'm giggling is because they have him down for a pap and pelvic. Bahahahaha......good luck with that. Oh had I not called. Dr. Koehl would have been in for a surprise. As would Ron since he's never been to this doctor before, and she's a women.

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ConnieP said...

Oh my!!! I didn't realize Ron wasn't of the male persuasion. He is a very handsome woman, isn't he?

Oh, make sure he starts getting mammograms annually and that he does his regular monthly self-exams, okay?