Thursday, March 15, 2007


Tomorrows the big day. My song isn't on any of their playlists from other concerts on this tour, so you people need to vote like a bunch of crazed maniacs. VOTE
I will be eternally greatful and I'll post pictures. I don't think I am getting my favorite cake this year unless someone is planning some big surprise, which I doubt because I'm too in the business for anyone to surprise me. So the least you people can do is vote so my favorite band Switchfoot, sings my favorite song at the concert tomorrow night! Oh and my favorite cake is Spice Cake with Pinucci (sp) icing, my super fly best friend Abby usually makes it for me every year for the past 7 or so years, and she ain't mentioned nothing about coming into town, and I don't have any plans for going to columbus, so no cake for me......bummer....BUT I GET TO SEE SWITCHFOOT TOMORROW please vote often! Oh the song I want is Daylight to Break, did I mention that part? Oh and I'm going to get my cricut tonight, so it's all good I'll survive turning 38 with no cake.


Melinda said...

I voted!!!

Enjoy the show!!

Teresa said...

I voted! Have loads of fun!

Cyndi said...

I voted, too!
Happy Birthday!

Heather said...

< tap >< tap >< tap > where's our report???