Sunday, March 04, 2007

12 MORE DAYS....

Ok now begins my obsession once again for switchfoot love. I know I know I keep telling you guys how much this band has impacted my life. They just say all the things that swim around in my head in a lyrical genius kind of way. Much like U2, but when U2 was doing it I wasn't smart enough to realize what it was that they were saying back in the day, plus I'm not so sure back in the day I'm not so sure they really believed what they were singing....or they wouldn't have gotten all wierd in the early 90's. I'm just saying.....might I present to you some SWITCHFOOT LOVE

In other news. I earn a whole new respect for $$ this weekend. I helped with the Benefit Crop, and raised money for a very sick little boy. I don't know this family at all, just thought I'd use my skills to help some folks out. Raise money to show God's love in a practical way. I'll let you know the totals of what was raised when I know. And at church we excersized a little sacrificial giving for the Luke 4 Challenge. We'll both be sacraficing some time as well. But when you are involved in things God has made you passionate about it by no means feels like a sacrafice. So I've been bucking the system, and being a money hater cause the man don't let me have none. But thinking of money as a tool to advance God's Kingdom, well I've gained a new respect. That don't mean I still don't want stuff! I am human people!

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