Monday, March 05, 2007

Grand Total, and Need your Vote

Ok if you people are going to read my blog everyday, and then only 1 or 2...sometimes 3 but rarely more leave me comment love, the least you could do is go here. And vote for my favorite Switchfoot song. I would be eternally greatful. You go to the March 16th show in Cincinnati, click on vote here. And do a write in vote. The song is Daylight to Break, the album is unreleased (just put that) and the artist is obviously Switchfoot. I'll be super happy if they sing it. Connie's doing a write in vote for Happy Birthday to ME......which would be just as hooked up, but a little nervous I'll end up on stage, and will pass clean out.

And then there this:

I am super happy with the big money we raised. 17 people came and that's a lot of money raised by those people. Very cool. It'll be big help for a very sick little boy. Thanks to everyone who helped out!


Anonymous said...

Wow! $1300. That really is wonderful. And such a great time. Thanks for posting the total, Jodi.

pescaragirl (Jennifer McGuire) said...

That is AWESOME! Please let us know when the next crop is. We had a wonderful time. :)

Julie S said...

That's fantastic!! It was fun - too short for me - but fun!

Melinda said...

$1300!! How terrific! So glad it was a success and wish I could have come...maybe someday when I graduate.