Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So much for my big Break!

So the press was at work today. Yes people because I have that kind of job. I thought, doesn't matter I can avoid them because I am working back in a far corner of the store no one will see me, and my GINORMOUS ZIT ON THE BRIDGE OF MY NOSE. Seriously people I don't get zits. I really don't. I definately ain't had one on my freakin nose since 1988. So the day I could be photographed for the Newspaper or end up on the news, I have a freakin headlight on my nose. So I am sitting my fat arse on the floor, actually on a piece of cardboard, and I'm building some sort of rolling clothes hanging rack thing....and theres this huge canon, digital SLR, with a telephoto lens zooming in on my ZIT. It was the enquirer......at least it was an award winning photographer, whom I've seen speak before. Oh and I had on my favorite orange sweatshirt. I hope it's a color photo, and dude has the decency to airbrush out my ZIT!!

Forgot to mention. I went to the movies by myself on Saturday night.....shut up I'm not wierd. You should try it. It's liberating. Didn't feel like fighting with friends who often won't spend full price to go to the movies, or are sick or are busy or just don't wanna see it. All of that includes the husband. You ever just see a preview or hear about a movie and you just wanna see it....like now....and who cares if no one does. Just go it alone. So I did....and oh so glad, cause it was a great flick. JUNO. Waiting for the man to release some Itunes funds so I can get the sweet soundtrack! Hang out at the website and you'll hear quite a bit of it, it was a great movie with great music.


Teresa said...

Loved the movie. I would see it again and I very rarely want to see a movie again in the theatre.

Stacie said...

Hey there, JUDI Sexton... You were in photo #8 of 13 on the Enquirer site today :) It wasn't a close up (couldn't even see your face, your head was down I think.) But you could see your smashing orange sweatshirt!

Hoping to see Juno soon. Tried to talk friends into it in Maryland while we were there but they wanted to see P.S. I Love You instead... which we then found out was sold out... so we saw NOTHING :-P

My mom saw it and told me I'd love the opening credits :)

Layni said...

I totally want to see Juno, "Judi"! I wanted to see it on Saturday but my friend wanted to see Untraceable, which I had NO desire to see [blood, gore & torture, says Rotten Tomatoes]. Not my bag baby, so we settled on 27 Dresses. Eh. Ashton's seen Juno & she loved it -- if you want to go again, I'm your girl!

Anonymous said...

I saw you on the noon news on Channel 5 today. You were buiding furniture at a feverish pace. LOL Your zit didn't come across on TV, so that's a good thing, right?? :)

Layni said...

Ur famous! I even blogged about you! Yay you!