Friday, January 18, 2008

Am I allowed to love my job?

I do, I really do love my job. The day will come when I am no longer building furniture, and I'll be doing actual work, which I'm not completely sure what that involves. I know it involves a phone, missing parts, returned items, and a desk with a few drawers. Other than that I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing. I can however recommmend what coffee table, or TV Stand NOT to buy because it's hard as hell to put together. Actually for the most part I've been choosing items that are square, or in one box and doesn't require assistance to move to my spot on the floor where I am working. This strategy has worked well for me and I've not run into any items that have me wanting to pull my hair out. Although my co-workers....not quite as smart as me. Or maybe they are way more ambitious than I and like a good challenge. 7 weeks away from opening day.....the momentum is building. (ha ha ha......get it....building, cause that's what I'm doing.....dang I've breathed too much sawdust)


Jae said...

My hubby, Mike, helped build and open the Hamilton West Wal-mart years ago. While not quite as cool, I remember him having similar experiences.

But this... is... IKEA!

Heather said...

so what kind of discount do ya get? And? Do they allow you to charge against your check? That's a slipperly slope. Once, when I worked at HL, I owed them $30 on payday. whoops!

ConnieP said...

OMG! I can hardly wait until Ikea OPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Yes, I have a special place in my heart, just for Ikea. Isn't my life lame?)

Julie said...

Holy cow - how long has it been since you said you loved your job?! Way to go girl! :-)