Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Just one more year. We have this year, which is Saturday, we race at 12:20 for any Perry fans out there. Ron created a family truckster (station wagon woodie) for the family race. The family race happens after the kids are done with the double elimination official race. The the dad's can race their cars, just so they can get their manly glory. There is a love hate relationship with Pinewood derby at this point. This is year 4, and each year there is a few dads that are just OVER THE FREAKIN TOP, and forget that it's for the boys to have fun, not necessarily for competition. There are rules to follow and there are winners, but COME ON. The love part is it's ran the same way every year and there isn't as much "fly by the seat of your pants" planning. It's mostly already done. We just pull it off.

I made muffins for my co-workers today....the ones I work with and hang with everyday. They officially love me and think I'm brilliant. Just making a name for myself that's all. Furniture builder...muffin maker....that's me. At the end of the day today I started on what appears could be a gun to a tank. I'm not quite sure. When I am finished, it's suppose to look like a corner end table with glass shelves. It's made out of steel, and requires 3 people to move it. I don't think the designer actually ever put it together. They just figured out how to "flat pack" it and saw that it was good. Hey go get a job at Ikea. They are still hiring, and if you are hired I get $50 when you tell them my name, so do that. If you are hired and I get the dough, I'll buy you a starbucks.

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Stacie said...

Look at you with the servant evangelism at the workplace! :)

You heard Rusty's take on the over-the-top pinewood derby entries that are supposedly done by the kids but are totally not done by the kids. You have to post a photo of Ron's family-mobile!

Waiting to hear back from the big blue box. Visited them in Maryland last Thursday...