Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Update

Yes I am aware it is 1am. What the heck, where'd the weekend go? I'll tell you where it went it went to the Cub Scouts. Oh and Nickel Creek. Went and saw Nickel Creek's farewell {for now} concert in covington on Friday night. I don't know what it is but I've been to 4 concerts in the past year and only one of them I was able to sit down if I wanted to the other 3 were in smaller venues and you had to stand the whole time. Aren't you suppose to sit at these things when you get older? Guess I dig the wrong groups. Nickel Creek was amazing. They did a cover of the Jackson 5's I want you Back, it was awesome. The YouTube video of Nickel creek doing the cover is crap, but here is a good one of KT doing it. It's a great song!

This song could very well be my theme song. Although no recent contact with any teenagers so I'm good lately. They're still freakin' Scary though for real!

Almost forgot to mention Ron and I did BALOO training this weekend. BALOO= Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation. It was combine with some other advanced outdoor training that was done by some other folks who stayed the whole weekend. Part of the advanced training was some Orienteering, (good Lord, too many numbers, and maps, they lost me quickly). It's no wonder why I get lost whenever I attempt to find a Geocache on my own. Ron was in heaven loves compass's, maps and all thing that a meant to help you find your way. The couple who did this part of the training were great at it, and they were cute, and very knowledgable of all things compass and mappy. The husband kept losing his compass when he was training, and every few minutes he's say "now where'd a put my compass?" LOL.....imagine a guy training on finding your way in the woods losing his compass, not safe. LOL.....They were fun and I enjoyed all of the training. Who knows Ron and I may someday grow up and be just like them......although it'd need to be something that didn't use numbers.

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