Sunday, October 07, 2007

Is it Autumn??

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Nothing says fall like red heads and pumpkins. Seriously, it's as though their hair was meant to go with pumpkins....Oh and I didn't plan Perry's shirt but it totally works. Hit the Barn and Bunk today to snag us some pumpkins, run through a corn maze and get lost in the hay barn. Did I mention it was like 95 degrees. Yeah funny thing someone said once if you don't like the weather in Cincinnati, wait about 10 min. and it'll change. I'd say 10 min is a bit of an exageration, how about a week. Since next weekend we'll have fall like tempuratures. Just in time for us to freeze our tails off while camping. Nice!
Funny thing Joe said while speaking at church (the new teaching pastor at my church)....funny and very true. Not sure you'll get it unless you hear his talk....he said "Get out of your Heaven Huddle and Go to Hell....!" Nice, but oh how flippin true. If I might get on my soapbox for one moment. Christians (I am one of those if you didn't know) like to surround themselves with other christians, and many rarely leave that circle. Cause it's safe. And then will talk trash about those who are not yet Christians as though that's going to help christians not look like hypocrits. What better way to share the love of God than to leave your "Heaven Huddle" and join folks in Hell. Reach out to people. Even if it's just to smile at someone at the grocery store. Or let them get in front of you even if they have $200 dollars worth of groceries in their cart. Or how about not walking around all self absorbed for a day, and notice those who may just need someone to listen. It's hard living in this "me" world and not be self absorbed, but if just a few folks did, well it'd be a step in the right direction. Check out Joe's talk (I know I know....I am always saying that and no one ever does, but I'm still gonna say it.) It was good stuff they even had the gates of hell as a visual and everything.
Here's all 3 of them looking cute. It's hard to get a good picture of the 3 of them in a corn maze standing still.

Heres the same three 2 years ago. My how they've changed.


Scrappy Friends said...

SO cute!!! And, the go to hell thing: I've always said that. Jesus would totally got temple on the Christian schools and home school organizations. That's not the point of faith.

Scrappy Friends said...

PS - Scrappy Friends is me: Heather

Kendra "Jude" said...

yeah, no smooth weather transition here. 95 one day and 65 4 days later, crazy. pack warm for camping...

Anonymous said...

We are having fall temps, but the pumpkins are suffering. I guess we have a pumpkin shortage due to the hot temps from the summer.

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