Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cute Little Houses

Poptab collecting is way more fun when you have a cute little house to put them into. Except he calls it his soda can tab collection. Like he's from New York or something. Picked up little houses for Cub Scouts to collect their poptabs in so we can then donate them to the Ronald McDonald House. I got a few really big ones too. The child is enamored with anything house like. Something tells me when it comes time to turn in the poptabs he won't be turning in the house.
*Notice the bracelet on his right arm. Yeah that's from Summer Camp, it was once blue, but the blue peeled off. He won't take it off. Someone told me to cut it off while he's sleeping. Why? He wants to keep it on, and what's it hurting anyways? Reminds me of when I was in college I'd make a hemp bracelet every summer and wear it until I had to dress up and be fancy. There were some summers I'd make it the whole summer and not have to take it off. As I got older there were more and more fancy occasions, it was always a dramatic ritual. He must be just like his mama, and luckily he doesn't have any fancy occasions.
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Kendra "Jude" said...

I say keep the bracelet on. It's more fun that way!!! I'm all for fun [and doing the opposite of what most people suggest]. How's you dad doing?

Stacie said...

I still say "soda" from having lived in Maryland off and on since college and both of the boy say it as well. Yay, east coast! :)

Still praying for your dad!